Unemployment and Returning to Work

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As sectors of the economy begin to open employers may have questions regarding employees who refuse to return to work.  Below are questions we’ve received, including responses from UIA.

  1. What can the employer say to the employee who refuses to return?   The employer can notify UIA.  What we need:  Name, date work was offered, type of work, was the work the worker’s customary work, and the workers response.
  2. Can the employer tell the employee that they will report them to UIA and could lose benefits?  UIA cannot advise employers what they should say.  Employers are encouraged to report refusal of work to UIA.
  3. How does the employer report the employee who refused work?  The employer can provide the information through MIWAM (please see question 1 for details).  The employer can protest the 1136 (weekly statement of benefit charges).  The employer can use the 1733 protest form that’s online.