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Full-service firm devoted to designing, building and growing all forms of living architecture.

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Inhabitect is a full-service firm devoted to designing, building and growing all forms of living architecture.  From green roofs to rain gardens and ground-level landscaping, our expertise and creativity take landscaping to another level.  We are passionate about the region and do our part to both preserve and restore the natural beauty we call home.  

Our comprehensive services encompass all aspects of every stage of the process from initial planning, project design, and budgeting, materials and plant selection (we primarily utilize native plant material), procurement and installation, as well as establishment and maintenance.

We are building a non-commercial barn and native plant nursery at 6276 E Lincoln Road, in Solon Township, in the spring/summer of 2018and have plans to create a dedicated habitat for native plants, animals, and birds.  We will do this by planting specific plan material that draws these animals and birds in as well as manager and treats 100% of our stormwater runoff with green infrastructure technologies like green roofs, rain gardens, permeable paving and rain barrels.

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9450 E Harbor Hills Drive
Traverse City, MI 49684
GPS: 44.79135, -85.6547