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Friday, April 1, 2022
to Thursday, May 19, 2022

For longer than anyone can remember, the Glen Arbor Arts Center has presented an annual exhibition of work created by its members. As diverse as the GAAC’s members are, so, too, is the work they make. This year, we’re pleased to continue this tradition. We’re exhibiting the work of 31 members in a wide variety of media, including: collage, encaustic, mixed media, painting, printmaking, photography, clay and more.

One more thing: Don’t miss the exhibitor’s statements. No one walks into an exhibition equipped to fully understand what the makers have intended to convey. Each of the Members Create exhibitors wrote a short essay about their work. They offer context and insight, and bring that much more pleasure to the viewing.

2022 Members Create Exhibitors

Julie Avery, Sarah Bearup-Neal, Nik Burkhart, Linda Alice Dewey, Carole Donaldson, Lori Feldpausch, Dorothy Grow, Jonathan Hansen, Shirley Hoagland, Jill Hunt, Claudia Keglovitz, Ian Kennelly, Autumn Kirby, Rick Koehler, Jessica Kovan, Julie Kradel, Katie Lowran, Kathleen Marks, Rodney Martin, Wendy McWhorter, Mark Mehaffey, Alice Moss, Chris Nettleton, Jan Price, Barb Reich, Joan Richmond, Pam Spicer, Wendy Wernet, David Westerfield, Svona Yankle, Theresa Youngman.


Monday through Friday: 9am-3pm; Saturday: 12pm-4pm; Sunday: Closed

Glen Arbor Arts Center