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Monday, February 17, 2020
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Winter Water Quality Symposium

The Great Lakes Water Studies Institute at NMC and Freshwater Solutions, along with lake associations from Glen, Lime, Leelanau, Long, Elk/Skegemog, Three Lakes, Intermediate, Big Platte, Charlevoic, Walloon, and Zero Gravity LLC have contributed financial resources to host this FREE symposium focused on vairou water quality parameters, included the latest in swimmer's itch prevention, discovery and a new schistosome species host, snail-parasite distribution in Michigan, enteric bacteria testing and promotion of qPCR within a community-based monitoring model.


8-8:15am - Sign In

8:15-8:45am - Distribution and Abundance of Snails and Snail-borne Parasites in Michigan Lower Peninsula by Dr. Tom Raffel

8:45-9:15am - Swimmers Itch Control:  Lessons from the Past Directing our Future by Rob Karner & Ron Reimink

9:15-10:15am - Major Discoveries and Advances in 2019 with Implications for Battling Swimmer's Itch by Dr. Patrick Hanington & Ron Reimink

10:30-11am - Preventing Swimmer's Itch with 2020 Vision

11am-12pm - Using qPCR in Community-based Monitoring Settings to Assess Failing Septic Systems, Swimmer's Itch Parasites, and Other Threats to Water Quality by Dr. Patrick Hanington.

Seating is limited and pre-registration is required by Feb 9 for entry!  Please RSVP to reimink@hope.edu.

Haterty Center - NMC