Light of Day Tea Wellness Class Featuring Detoxifying Botanicals

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Saturday, October 13, 2018
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Tea with Angela at 2! Come learn about this miracle of agriculture we call “tea”.

Tea has so much going for it, and you’ll have so much fun finding exploring!

Light of Day Organics, located here in the Leelanau Peninsula of Northern Michigan, is the only Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic grower of Camellia sinensis (tea) in North America. You’ll learn why this is.

In this 2 hour class, you’ll:

  • Be welcomed and oriented to our Retail Tea Shop prior to being led as a group to our yurt classroom. We will remove our shoes and enter in sacred silence into this special place.
  • You will learn the history of tea in America, and learn why Light of Day Organics is the only certified Organic AND Demeter Biodynamic (considered around the world to be the highest standard)  grower of Camellia sinensis in N. America.
  • You will learn the difference between, and most importantly taste “cup”, White, Green Oolong, Black, Tisane/Herbal Teas & Matcha Green teas in a wonderful, unique setting within the yurt on our farm.
  • You will learn about biodiversity, the difference between conventional, organic and Biodynamic farming methods, Fair trade, and learn what certifications really mean to you as a consumer and within the specialty tea industry.
  • You will learn about the importance of reducing inflammation so that you can enjoy the very highest quality of life.

 Read more about the class by clicking here.

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